Heinz Riegler’s Fenders


The guitars of a Brisbane music luminary and all round sweet guy, Heinz from Not From There.

There are times when I realise how lucky I am that I decided to move to Brisbane. I’ve got a great job, a great family, great friends and I’m in some great bands. Over the years through playing music I’ve met some people which I only saw on TV or heard on the radio… so to actually know them now and be able to chat with them still kind of blows me away. One such person (& band) is Heinz from 90’s band Not From There. I was a big fan of this band when I first moved to Brisbane in the late 90’s. I never got to play a gig with NFT, but I did play a few with Heinz’s next band… Nightstick, who were also great.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a Sunday (deadlines, deadlines) and after work walked up the road to Tym Guitars to say hi. Heinz was in there chatting with Tim, and on the counter was Heinz’s trusty Tele Deluxe. I instantly asked if I could do a guitarnerd story on his axes (his Nightstick Fender Musicmaster was also there) and Heinz kindly obliged. Here’s Heinz’s comments:


Tele Deluxe, bought in London in 1989. 200 pounds out of the Loot magazine… some dude in Wimbledon. I think it’s a 1976. Ashwood body. It’s been my main guitar since 89. Never been an accumulator of guitars, (not for lack of wanting to be) had a couple of other axes over the years, but the tele does what I need. 90 percent of NFT, Nightstick and even all the current stuff has been recorded using that guitar. I have thrown it around a lot, it’s never let me down (clichee, I know) but it’s true… it’s a very tough guitar. has had a few attempts at being fixed up…. but yeah it’s been my friend for a long time. Mostly play it with toggle on centre position with treble slightly wound back on bridge pick up.


Picking it up, this is one of the nicest Tele Deluxe’s I’ve played. The ones I’ve tried are usually pretty heavy, but this one is a great weight, with a nice slim neck. Everything on it is all original. The pickups on these are going for crazy money now, as the magnets used are impossible to get.


The body is really nicely beaten up. In a good way. Heinz isn’t a gentle guitar player, but he doesn’t trash his gear either. These bumps and dings all add to the character of this guitar.



The neck is the usual 3 bolt. Very nice profile, with a flattish fretboard profile. I wish my Antigua Strat had this neck… I would of kept it.




The bridge is the typical 70’s cast unit and is suffering from ‘sweaty gig’ syndrome, whose symptoms include flaky chrome and green grunge.


Heinz’s other guitar is a tiny little vintage Fender Musicmaster. These things are little… almost getting into ‘toy guitar’ territory. But they’re pretty fun to play. The body is super light and the neck is nice and narrow. For little hands like mine, they’re a delight. You won’t be doing any wild guitar solos on them, but they’re a fun rhythm guitar. Here’s Heinz’s info…


Fender Musicmaster was bought with a NFT recording budget. I wanted something very opposite to the Tele. something thin and little sustain. I like it, but I don’t love it. used it a bit in Nightstick though. for that tight attack kinda sound… I think it’s a 1961 or 62… can’t remember. bought it in that guitarshop on Melbourne street, West End circa 1999/2000….


The finish is nicely cracked, and razor thin. It’s a lovely looking vintage instrument. And though it’s tiny, Heinz put this guitar into fierce use with Nightstick. They can certainly rock.



Being only one pickup, it’s tonal capabilities are limited. And most people would be put off by it only having a neck pickup. But after studying the Hot Snakes for 10 years, I’ve come to fina single coil neck pickup as my favourite rhythm sound. You have that clang from the single coil, and the big bottom end from the neck position. In the Horrortones, I’m mainly on my lipstick neck pickup for the whole gig. And then I flick to the bridge for guitar solos.


The neck has a glorious piece of rosewood for the fretboard. Ink black and tightly grained… It almost looks like ebony. And the mini Fender headstock is just so damned cute!




Yeah, I think I want one. Thanks Heinz for sharing your axes with the guitarnerd community!