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‘Nyr’ Russian made distortion pedal


A homemade Russian pedal which just happens to sound fantastic

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Screaming Bird Treble Boost

OK. I’ve decided guitars are too big and too expensive to collect willy-nilly. Any more and I’ll be hanging them in my bathroom. This is the next focus of my OCD…

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Zoom Driver 5000

Yeah, yeah… I know it’s not exactly ‘vintage’. But this is one of my favourite pedals ever.

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Mike’s Garage Gear Pedals

Some awesome local made pedals from Mike’s garage.

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The ‘SCRAM!BLAM!’ pedal

A local made Ampeg Scrambler clone…

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Jerms Brssy (Brassmaster clone)

My first guitarnerd pedal review… the Jerms Brssy.

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J Mascis ‘Fuzz Munchkin’ by Tym Guitars

The looooooong evolution of the art design for the awesome new Tym Guitars Fuzz Munchkin. Continue reading…

The mighty, mighty ProCo Rat


My favourite pedal ever… an article by John Mercer & Tony ‘Guitarnerd’ Jackyl

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guitarnerd pedal icons


A few people have asked where I got the pedal icons in the guitarnerd header… I made ’em of course! I did them for a bit of fun and then converted them into desktop icons. So now your computer hardrive can be a BigMuff/Hot Cake/Whatever the hell floats your boat. More coming soon. (when I get round to making them). Enjoy!

Download guitarnerd icons: Mac
Download guitarnerd icons: PC

Mac users will need Stuffit Expander to open the folder… download it here: http://www.stuffit.com/mac/expander/index.html

Superfuzzbigmudd is alive and kickin’


It’s here! (and it’s frikken’ awesome…)

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The new Tym Pedals – graphics & sounds

I’ve been having heaps of fun this year designing the graphics for Tym Guitars new pedal range. For a guitarnerd like me, it’s a dream to design stuff like this and actually see it made… sitting there… a real guitar pedal!
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