Raul’s Tym Crestwoods


Raul’s twin guitar attack. As heard in Magic Dirt & River Of Snakes.

Last week I got to play some gigs with one of my favourite bands, the Hot Snakes. Also on that show was a new Aussie band ‘River Of Snakes’ featuring the mighty Raul from Magic Dirt. Before the gig, I asked Raul if I could do a guitarnerd story on his twin Tym Crestwoods and he said hell yeah. Unfortunately after my set I was exhausted, so I promptly forgot. Raul was kind enough to take some snaps and send me this info. What an awesome dude…

Basically, Tym asked if he could build me a guitar back in 2000, I asked him to build me a copy of an Epiphone crestwood deluxe, but with two pick-ups, the bridge being a Jeff Beck special, a bigsby whammy bar and 24 frets. He also made it a lot stronger than the original epiphones( he knows I can get pretty rough) and twice as thick. I got it in 2001 I think, it is a great instrument, loads of sustain and a thick, deep tone, that rings like a bell.



I loved it so much I kept asking him to make me another, so around 2005-6 he did, I wanted a white one but he made it blue…now I am glad he did, I reckon it looks killer. The blue one is now my favourite, its a lot closer to the originals. Slim, with two mini-humbuckers and a bigsby whammy, it has a sweet midrange and cuts like a knife, the neck is slender and well I love it to bits. They were my main guitars in Magic Dirt and now in River of Snakes, I don’t play them in Midnight Woolf as prefer single coils for that garage/surf sound.



Here’s Raul playing his blue Tym Crestwood in his awesome new band, River Of Snakes at the Hot Snakes show.