Matamp SERIES 2000 [sold]

Your chance to own one of the rarest Matamps ever. (Only 60 ever made!)

My friend Bernie is the Australian importer of some pretty sweet gear, including the amazing Matamp guitar amps, which as all you doom & sludge fans will know are the ‘original’ Orange amps. They’re still made in the same UK factory they’ve always been… by hand. Bernie imported one of these beautiful custom Peter Green Matamp Series 2000 and is now selling the whole rig for $3200, which is a bargain as they’ve long been sold out. This is brand new.

Here are the details:

The legendary SERIES 2000, reissued for Matamp’s 60th Anniversary in 2005
Limited Edition of 60

Faithful recreation of the original Series 2000 favoured by a highly regarded British blues player from the 60s.
In memory of Mat Mathias 1923 – 1989.

Famously used by Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac to record ‘Albatross’.
The cabinet is loaded with 2 specially designed 12″ speakers, unique to Matamp and only available for this product.

– POINT TO POINT hand-wired
– 35 watts RMS
– 2x EL34′s in cathode bias
– Valve rectified
– Soft attack
– Great overtones and nice compression

REVERB unit:
– Matching valve reverb unit from the same period
– Essential for the Albatross tone

– 2×12
– 200 watts RMS
– Loaded with custom made Celestion G12T-100′s with extra doping to make it sound exactly like the original Fane’s.

Bernie’s is also having a ‘Summer Tryout’ of his range. It’s in a rehearsal studio so you can go to 11 and give pedals, amps and guitars a fair go. He also has speaker and amp A/B switchers and invite’s anyone to bring own gear to

If you’re interested in the Matamp or have any questions, email [email protected]