Maton Flamingo Series 2

The latest Maton in my small (but awesome) collection. A beautiful Series 2 Flamingo.

About a year ago, I posted a story on a beautiful Maton Flamingo that I was lucky enough to buy from Maton collector extrordinaire, Ken P. It needed a bit of work, but it had the makings of a great little guitar…

Tim from Tym Guitars had mentioned that he had an old Maton Flamingo buried somewhere in a pile of guitars in his workshop, and said that I could have it as thanks for the design work I’ve done for him over the years. Well, he finally tracked it down…

I was surprised to see it was another Series 2. I was expecting the more common Series 1 with the shorter horn… so I was pretty stoked. This is a way different beast to my other Flamingo. Ken’s Flamingo is featherweight with a slim neck. Tim’s is solid as a rock, with a slim neck but jumbo frets so it feels almost like a Gibson SG. Look at that fretboard… I love old Maton fretboards… I’m not exactly sure what wood they used (Jarrah?) but it looks like an Egyptian Mummy’s skin.

The guitar has been resprayed a satin black, which I really like. Apart from the paint and the pickup selector, she’s mostly original.

The pickguard has seen better days, though. Luckily Ken P gave me a new white reproduction plate, so when I get my other Flamingo back, I’ll fit it to this one and get a black one cut for the other one (as it’s being hot rodded with mini Firebird humbuckers and a Bigsby.)

I’d love to be able to keep the original knob surround stickers though… I’m not sure how I’m going to get these off. Tim suggested maybe soaking them in lighter fluid to loosen the glue and they’ll slip off. Oh, and I’m also missing a metal Maton knob, so if anyone has a spare they want to sell, let me know.

The bridge looks fantastic. It’s a delicate piece of metal which I haven’t seen on other Flamingo’s. This is the fourth or fifth type of bridge I’ve seen… others have had a wooden bridge, a Fybyrd type moustache bridge, various Japanese Tiesco bridges or a retro-fitted tune-o-matic.

So yeah… I’m pretty damn happy. The plan is to get as many pieces together from my two Flamingo’s and make this one as original as possible. And then she can join her big sister.

Thanks again Tim from Tym Guitars for this beauty.