Maton Magnetone 12 string – [for sale]

A rare Maton version of a classic design which happens to be for sale.

I’m really proud that guitarnerd has been able to bring together Maton collectors who for long time haven’t really had a forum to view the classic Australian designs which we love so much and talk about them. A few weeks ago, Garry wrote in and mentioned he had a rare Maton Magentone that he was thinking of selling. I asked if he’d like to share some photos on guitarnerd so that we can all view his rare axe and so that some lucky Maton collector can add it to their arsenal.

Garry’s guitar is a beautiful Maton replica of a Rickenbacker 360 12 string. Here’s the story he sent in with the photos…

The guitar was purchased about 1965-66 from a music shop in Hunter St Newcastle,not quite sure of the name. We were already playing music, [1959] I played mainly rhythym, nice sound from the 12 stringer.

Used the guitar for about 6 years,changed to a telecaster, a bit easier on the fingers. I only had the guitar for about 12 months and it had a fall, guitar leaning against amp, bass player walked past, foot caught in lead,oh no! The headstock split into the cutout of the string post, one side.

I had it repaired professionally,it was glued and a small strip of alloy was attached to the top of headstock as a precaution, I really think it could be removed. The guitar has rested in a case ever since, apart from the odd occassion at home.

The original case fell apart after a lot of gigging, I also had a Rickenbacker, sold it, kept the case, the Maton went to rest in the Ricky case.

According to the Maton site, only 37 of these guitars were made so they’re VERY rare. While they’re obviously heavily inspired by Rickenbacker, they’re a purely classic Maton guitar and a snapshot of the Beatlemania that Australia and the world was going through at the time. I’m sure this guitar will make someone very happy. Anyone who is interested, please post below and Garry will contact you.