1970 Maton Sapphire (sold)

A lovely piece of work… and it’s for sale if you want it.

Last night I was working late so I decided to pop into Tym’s on my way home to kill time while I waited for my train. I chatted with Geordie about the impending launch of the Fuzz Munchkin pedal and said ‘That’s it for me. I’m not buying any more gear for a while…’ My eyes then drifted across the guitars hung up behind Geordie and a guitar with familiar looking knobs…

Holy crap, they were Maton knobs. I ran across and pulled her down from the hook. She was a beautiful, unmolested cherry sunburst Maton Sapphire, with flame figuring front and back..

I’d never seen one of these up close before. On first glance it looked similar to my Apollo, but the body had a smaller ass. Also, strumming it you could tell it was made of better, thicker wood. My Apollo almost sounds like an acoustic. This sounded like a typical semi-hollow guitar. I was more interested in the cool Maton tremolo…

It was solid and very weighty. The wood inlay looks great, though the Maton ‘M’ has seen better days. Also the arm was missing, but someone could make something to suit easy enough. The finish was grey metallic paint, so it’d be easy to match.

The bridge itself was ok… nylon saddles in a rugged housing. I think a Bigsby cast bridge would sound a lot better. (Yes, I know I keep saying this…I love them!)

The headstock was a slimmer shape than the usual Maton shape. The neck shape was a bit clubbier than my Apollo. It’s not huge or anything, it’s just I prefer the slimmer Apollo neck which feels more classic Maton to me.

Luckily this was all the incentive I needed to decide not to buy it. Although this guitar looked and sounded gorgeous, the neck didn’t blow me away. This is my guitar buying requisite. I have to LOVE the neck, otherwise I won’t play it. Lucky… otherwise I would’ve had to add it to my guitar pile.