Maton Flamingbyrd Custom

What do you get when you cross a Fyrbyrd with a Flamingo? A Flamingbyrd!

Everyone knows about my love for the Maton Fyrbyrd. You DO know about my love for the Fyrbyrd , don’t you? I love them so much, I’m currently trying to get Maton to reissue them. (Join the ‘Hey Maton, reissue the Fyrbyrd’ facebook group here!)

My love doesn’t really extend as much to the Fyrbyrd’s little sister, the Flamingo. Don’t get me wrong, if I found one hanging up in a pawn shop I’d be all over it like Nigella on a chocolate cake. It’s just the shape is a little too weird for me… it’s basically not as sexy as a Fyrbyrd.

Yesterday I got an email from Ian that changed all that. Ian said he’d found the Flamingo already heavily modified (it was set up to look like a green burst Rickenbacker) so he decided to modify to stand up to the wear and tear of modern playing. The results blew me away…

Ian has added the Fyrbyrd’s sharkbite to the shape and I must say it has totally transformed the guitar. Along with the single P-90 and Maton supplied red scratchplate, it looks like a Les Paul Jr version of a Fyrbyrd.

The body modification is absolutely flawless. It looks like this is how the guitar was SUPPOSED look like. That top carve is a work of art. Ian has also added locking tuners to help with tuning, as the original’s are pretty basic. Everything on this guitar is top grade. He also tried to apply a NOS Maton headstock decal but it disintegrated when it was applied.

Amazing work, Ian. This is honestly one of the most coolest, well thought out custom guitars I’ve seen in ages. I bet it plays and sounds fantastic.