Two By 2 – vintage 60’s Fyrbyrd pics!

Some AMAZING photo’s sent in by John Fox, guitarist for 60’s band, Two By 2 (formally The Cruisers).

Yesterday, I received a great email from John Fox, asking if I’d like to see some photo’s of the sharkbite Maton Fyrbyrd his band mate Ron used to play. What I didn’t expect was that the photo’s would be some of the coolest examples of Aussie 60’s band shots that I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I am blown away. To help you see how cool they are, I’ve made the images links so that when you click on them, they’ll open up in a new window full size so that you can see them in all their glory.

John started in a band called ‘The Cruisers’ with his friends.

Lead Guitar: John Fox
Rhythm Guitar: Ron Dent
Drums: Dennis Clarke
Bass: Chris Pitch
Harmonica: Peter Holbrook

John played a beautiful Vox guitar through a Moody amp, while Ron played a white Maton Fyrbyrd through a home made Playmaster amp. Ron’s Fyrbyrd, while looking amazing as it’s practically brand new in the photos, is also rare as it sports a black pickguard, which usually only appeared on the red Fyrbyrds. White Fyrbyrds usually had red perspex guards…

The amazing thing about these photos is that they look like they could of been taken today. All the equipment John’s band is using is highly collectable, and their dress sense is on par with what bands are wearing today… in fact their bass player looks exactly like local guitarist Jimi Kritzler from the band Slug Guts!

Speaking of Chris the bass player, he’s playing a beautiful Framus “Star Bass” bass complete with the authentic 60’s thin leather guitar strap.

John said the band gradually moved over to an all Fender guitar line up. Here you can see them jamming in someone’s lounge room, with the centre guitarist playing an absolutely jaw dropping  60’s Fender Jaguar in red, complete with a matching headstock. And look at Ron’s awesome quiff! This photo also shows how gleamingly new Ron’s white Fyrbyrd is. The metal work is sparkling (not rusted like most Fybyrds these days), while the paint is flawless arctic white.

Ron then left the band, selling his Fyrbyrd soon after. (Nooooooooo!) He replaced it with another cool Maton, a Slimline.

Soon after, The Cruisers became Two By 2, and with new guitarist Denis they were now playing matching 1964 Fiesta Red Strats. That’s right, matching 1964 custom colour Strats… which would be worth over $60,000 each nowadays!

Chris then followed soon after with a 60’s Fender Precision Bass and the full Fender line up was complete. I love how high Chris is playing his bass… very Kinks.

Fast forward to 2010 and John & Ron have reunited with their mates to bring Two By 2 back. John is still playing a 1964 Strat, this time playing a near mint sunburst Strat.

Ron & John (in wig) with go-go dancer.

So if you’re in Melbourne and see Two By 2 is playing, check them out for some authentic 60’s tunes and a great time.

A massive thanks to John for the amazing photos. For more great photos and info on the gear Two By 2 used, check this link.