Maton Vampyr 6 string bass

A guitar so rare, it hurts to look at it.

There are guitars out there that make me sweat. I mean… I love most guitars, but there are some guitars that are so cool that your brain just shuts down and starts melting. This guitar is on that brain-melt list. (Along with a white Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe…)

This guitar belongs to John, a guitarnerd reader. He sent me a message: “I own a Maton Vampyr six string bass in original condition. It cost me a whole $50.00. According to Maton there were only 57 ever made. It has a fixed bridge not the Bigsby which I imagine is very rare indeed. It still plays well. it was obviously a homage to the Fender Bass VI.”

My guitarnerd senses were tingling. I knew that Maton made a six string bass, but had only ever seen an artists rendition of it.

I asked John to send me some pictures and it was brain-melt time. This thing is absolutely gorgeous. And the most amazing thing is Maton spent all this time and effort to make just 57 or so of these.

I love the bridge cover. I’m actually really happy to see it as it reminds me of the cover I put on my T-Byrd bass, so it makes my T-Byrd even more Maton-like. My T-Byrd could be the Vampyr’s snotty little brother.

The headstock is a thing of beauty. Honestly, if Maton won’t reissue the Fyrbyrd, the least they could do is put this headstock design on the Mastersound?!

The pickups looks to be straight off the Fyrbyrd. I’m not sure how they got around the increased string spacing, so they may of been custom designed for this model. Again… amazing for a run of only 57 instruments.

Whilst researching this article, I came across another Vampyr on a fender forum. This one was custom ordered and differs from John’s in that it’s sunburst (obviously) and still has it’s original selector knob.

Congrats John on owning the coolest guitar I’ve seen for a long time. And before any of you Maton collectors ask… it’s not for sale.