Maton nerd update

Here’s an update on all things Maton that I’ve come across in the last few weeks.

This week I’ve spent more time on a computer than on a guitar, but I thought I’d show you what I’ve come across. Last weekend, I had a look in my local pawn shop and was happy to see a Maton F10 classical guitar for sale. I’ve been looking for one of these for a while as a ‘sit in front of the TV and strum’ guitar… back in the day you could buy them for $100… $200 tops. The price on this one? $590. Ouch. And the few I’ve seen pop up on eBay have been going for similar money or more. I’m still hoping I come across a beaten up one in my price range as the necks on these guitars are fantastic. Really flat and thin and very modern feeling.

In the mean while, a fantasically (is that a word?) mint example has popped up on eBay.

This beauty looks virtually unplayed, and is in great condition for a 40 year old guitar. Rarely (if ever) do you see these guitars come with their original hard case. This one even comes with a bonus which Maton nerds will go crazy for…

That’s right, it comes with the original plastic Maton cover! That is truly insane. This is probably the only Maton out there with one of these. So, so good.

Here’s the neck heel. This shows you what I mean about these necks being thin. Also, there’s no pointy heel like most classical guitars. I have a feeling these might actually be bolt on necks, as that’s what I heard Maton used to do back in the day on a lot of their ‘set necks’…

As I mentioned, the guitar is in great condition. I like the look of these, they look a little different from most classical guitars… the outline & sound hole size just look a little out of the ordinary to me.

Also, last but not least… that hard case looks absolutely mint. This guitar would be a great addition to someone’s Maton collection. The price at the moment is pretty low, but I have a feeling by the end of the auction it will go nuts. Watch this space.

Next up on eBay is an absolutely, seriously cool Alver Cowboy guitar.

Alver was like Maton’s version of what Squier is to Fender. Bare bones models built in the same factory as more expensive Maton’s  but geared towards kids and students. Their range went from ‘toy’ guitars like these to basic cutaway jazz guitars with single coil pickups.

This is the Australian version of the Sear cowboy guitar from the 50’s and is one of the nicest I’ve seen. That cowboy decal is a work of art, especially sitting on that vintage violin burst. Beautiful.

Like their American versions, these are made of cheaper woods than Maton’s regular models but their boxy/banjo sound has it’s own charm. Plus they’d made a fantastic sounding slide guitar.

Next up on eBay is a very rare thing… a Maton guitar amp. The 60’s was a fantastic time for Australian guitar amps with brands such as Moody, Goldentone, Vadis, Vase and of course Maton helping Australian guitarists rock out at various halls, pubs & backyards across this mighty land.

This little beauty is the Maton Super 6, pumping out an ear shattering 4.5 watts from it’s 2 tubes. Like everything else Maton, these are going for good money now. This one has a buy it now of $1,500 which I’ll be interested to see if it gets.

The faceplate design is beautifully understated and pure classic Maton. See that they’ve called it part of the ‘Mastersound Series’ which is a nice tie in to their guitars. ie… own a Mastersound? Buy the matching amp.

Here’s another Maton beauty. This one is owned by Tex who also owns the Wedgtail from the previous guitarnerd article. He said he’s going to send better photo’s, but as this amp is so cool I couldn’t resist showing the ones he already sent.

It’s a Maton V606 Professional. I remember seeing a garage band play one of these in Melbourne and being suitably impressed… actually it might of been this one?  Did you played at the Art House with the Jacknives back in 2008, Tex? Anyway, it sounded great.

I love the look of this amp. It’s looks like when it’s not being a guitar amp, it doubles as medical equipment in some science lab.

The foot switch though is the most primitive one I’ve ever seen. It looks like it was made from a morse code postal transmitter from the 1800’s… from the looks of it, it’s made from painted wood. I love that Maton used their electric guitar badge on the pedal. I love this amp… nice one, Tex!

This amp was part of a series that came in a few different formats. Apart from that one I saw at the Art House show, I haven’t seen another. I assume, as with most things Maton they’re pretty rare.

With the boutique amp market going crazy at the moment, it’s wonder Maton hasn’t released their own new/old 40 watt tube 2×12 combo tone machine. With the history and background (and respect) their amps have, players would snap them up for sure. I mean… how many acoustics does Maton need to sell? With a history like theirs it would be so fun (for both them & us) to do small low run reissues here and there. At least they’ve reissued the JB4 bass, I guess…