Maton Wildcat Bass

A beautiful, mint example of a classic Maton bass.

A little while ago I received an email from Peter regarding his beautiful Maton Wildcat Bass.

“I have a 70’s Maton Wildcat Bass. According to info on the Maton Museum website (they list it as a ‘Wilcat’) it would seem to be the first in a series that was numbered 020 to 036. My serial number is 020. I’d love to know more about it’s history. I do know from a stencilled sign on the case that it was once involved in the ‘Warehouse Rock Band’.”

For a 35+ year old bass, it’s in mind blowing condition!

It doesn’t look like it’s been played live… ever! I’m a bit more partial to the Wildcat’s than the JB4’s due to the sharper corners and awesome scratchplate. Actually, both the body and the scratchtplate is a little  reminiscent of the non-sharbite Maton Fyrbyrd. The headstock is the pre-runner to the JB4.

As mentioned in Peter’s message, it’s serial number 20 of 36, but number 1 of that batch. Peter’s bass is so immaculate, he still has it’s original tags!

Beautiful bass, Peter!

So if anyone has heard of the Warehouse Rock Band and can recall seeing this Wildcat in action, please let me know and I’ll forward the info to Peter.