Some rare Maton’s for sale in Melbourne

Here’s some rare Aussie beauties for sale at one of my favourite guitar shops, the Swap Shop in Melbourne.

Apologies for not posting as frequently as I usually do… been flat out with a million things… work, band practice, work, family, work. Anyway, thought I’d just post a quick heads up of some beautiful Matons that are for sale in Melbourne.

First up is the rare as hell 1971 Maton B-250 Goldline Bass..

As usual with Maton basses, these are very rare. This one is number 16 of 66. Maton was way ahead of it’s time with this design… as far as I’m aware it’s the first Telecaster shaped bass, a full 10 year or so before G&L’s ASAT Bass. The thing I love about these basses are the pickups. It’s actually a P-Bass pickup but in a soapbar case. Here’s a link to a bigger pic.

This one is all original apart from a machine head and is a VERY reasonable $999.

The next one is also a B250 but it’s been modified beyond recognition…

This one has been refinished, but I’m actually not sure if that body is the original one as I’ve never seen a Strat shaped B250. Knowing Maton and their one offs, though, it might be legit. The neck has been made fretless (gah!!! DAMN YOU, FRETLESS PLAYERS!!!) and the original control plate & knobs has been recreated using some nice looking woods. Not my thing, but whatever floats your boat. Also, the bridge has been modified with a wooden bridge insert. And then there’s the wooden thumb rest strip. This one is $799, which I think may be a little too high for such a butchered example. If she was mine, I’d get her painted red, refretted with jumbos, Bad Ass bridge and get a control plate made up.

Here’s a really nice, slightly modified 1979 Maton Sapphire SG124/6.

Unlike 60’s Matons, the mid to late 70’s models are solid as a rock. If the neck on this is like my old Phil Manning Custom… oooh baby. This one is missing it’s original control knobs and the pickups have been changed to Dimarzio’s. A nice example but not cheap… it’s $2,250. They are VERY rare though. The site says there’s only 44 made.

Last up is a gorgeous Maton DC 545. This one looks all original.

From the looks of it, this one is just a awesome guitar. These are pretty delicate guitars, but these old Maton single coils are great for twang. It’s pretty reasonable at $1800.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Swap Shop always has at least one old Maton in stock, due to Melbourne being Maton’s hometown. So if you’re in town, poke your head in and check out what’s there.