Andrew’s Maton Fyrbyrd FB70 [Sold: $1750]

A beautiful, rare Australian classic that could be yours…

I got a message from Andrew in Melbourne on the weekend asking if he could post his Maton on guitarnerd. I’m always up for sticky beaking at someone’s Maton and especially so when it’s one I haven’t seen before.

Andrew’s guitar is a rare Maton FB70, which is one of the last body shapes of the Fyrbyrd before they stopped using the name. (Bring it back, Maton!!!). Andrew’s is in fantastic condition for it’s age (late 60’s? Early 70’s?) and features the awesome Maton bridge single coil and a Bigsby. Plus that sunburst finish looks fantastic. Here’s Andrew’s story:

I wish I had a great story to tell about finding this guitar in an Op Shop, at a country garage sale or in hard rubbish, but as it happens, I found it rather typically – in the Music Swop Shop in Carlton about 4 years ago. At the time, I owned only one electric guitar, a re-issued Maton Mastersound. I find Maton’s history and philosophy incredibly appealing. I’m not a flag waving patriot, but I have to admit, the existence of the Maton brand does evoke some quiet national pride in my soul.

The shop assistant was a fairly canny guy who insisted that I test the guitar through a bizarre and very beautiful amp from the 50’s, maybe 60’s … I think it was called a “Moody” which I thought suited my personality perfectly. Anyway, the combination of the Fyrbyrd and that amp was truly beautiful. I only wish I’d had enough money to get the amp as well.Over the years, I realised that as much as I loved looking at the guitar, it didn’t really suit my style. I’m a fairly rudimentary, un-structured kind of player, and I like heavy, weighty guitars which I can abuse a little bit. The Fyrbyrd was too light and delicate for my taste. It was a source of constant envy amongst visiting musician friends for many years and I think I kept it around for so long simply because it was stunning to look at. Those who borrowed it to play it live drew some spectacular sounds out of it. But I rarely used it live and hardly ever in recording sessions. I do, however, have one permanent audio record of the Fyrbyrd in full flight (no pun intended).  If you visit and hit “Track 6 – Not Of The Same Kind” and scroll ahead to about 2 mins 20 seconds – you can hear it immortalised. I think I recorded that solo in one take at about 9am in the morning. That would have to remain my favourite memory of this guitar. What a terrific sound.

Still, you know the story. After ploughing too much money into music, I’ve reached the point where I need to drag some cash back out again. And so the time has come to sell this gorgeous piece of history. I find it inspiring that other people are so excited by this guitar. It almost makes me regret selling it. Still, to each their own, right?

Farewell, Fyrbyrd!

So if anyone is interested, the guitar is currently on eBay… here’s the link: Maton FB70 eBay. Good luck!!!

I’d buy it myself but if I bought every guitar I wanted… sigh.