‘The Frikken Hecks’ Perl Gold Bass [For Sale]


A Frikken Sweet looking bass from the Frikken Hecks…

Dane Beesley is one of the best rock photographers in Australia. He’s traveled the world shooting some really cool bands, and his work is very, very nice… check it here.

Along the way, Dan picked up this very cool vintage German bass called a ‘Perl Gold’ to play in his band, The Frikken Hecks… from what I’ve found on the net, Perl Gold was known for their double basses, which makes sense when you see the german-carve work on the front & back of this beast.


The headstock design is great too. Very East German kitsch…


Dane’s owned it for 5 years and the warm sound of this really suited his band, which is influenced by early Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground & 13th Floor Elevators…


Dane’s looking for $1500 (Aus) for it, so if you’re interested in adopting this classic, contact me and I’ll pass along your info.