Orange ‘Felt’ Amp by Seja Vogel


Think the Tiny Terror was the cutest lil’ Orange amp? Nup…

Brisbane is a pretty awesome place. We have some cool guitar shops, some cool venues and some REALLY creative people. One of these is Seja Vogel, who is the keyboardist in Sekiden and Regurgitator. She also makes these awesome miniature guitar amps (and other instruments) which she sells on her online store. Among other things I collect mini guitar amps (you know those min Fender Twin practice amps?) so when I saw these I put my order in straight away.


Being a graphic designer, I think Orange amps are the coolest looking amps ever made. They are just so destinctive, especially with their massive knobs and weird hieroglyphics on the face plate. So I asked Seja to make me a mini Orange stack. In about a week, this little baby was ready.


Seja’s attention to detail is amazing. This is all hand stiched, so to make a Orange logo that is basically 5mm wide is a work of art. For knobs she used button clips and she even did the cool chrome grab handles that Orange’s have on the head chassis.

back of amp

She even did the ventilation slots on the back of the head, along with the speaker outs and the screws that hold the speaker cabinet’s back panel. It’s even got little felt grab handles!


Seja also does other amps… here’s her Marshall JCM 800…


…but her specialty is vintage synths.


Seja can basically make miniature felt anything… how about a Hammond Organ, complete with Lesley speaker?!


Mini Moog?


I know… mind boggling. Seja takes custom orders, so if you want your favourite amp immortilised in felt, contact Seja at her online store…

Now I want a REAL vintage Orange to match my felt one…