For sale – Jansen 12Sixty (sold)


This is a 1960’s Jansen 12Sixty… basically a ‘hand made in New Zealand’ 60’s Fender.

I bought this as I played through a Fender Twin and thought ‘I want a Fender Twin’… then I picked UP a Fender Twin and realised how much a Fender Twin weighs. It weighs a lot. Then I found this, which is basically a Fender Twin in a Marshall sized head… hand wired, point to point, loud as hell. Now I realise I can get a Fender Twin sound out of my Marshall 40th Anniversary with a nice reverb pedal, so I really don’t need this. (I usually find these things out AFTER I buy stuff I don’t really need.)

It is called the 12Sixty as it has 12 tubes and is 60 watts. It’s frikken’ loud and sounds great.And is hella rare.

If you’re interested, contact me at [email protected]